Sunset Painting with Palm Trees


This is my first painting and I followed a YouTube tutorial. I am happy with the overall result, however I am not satisfied with the upper palm tree. At first, when I watched the tutorial, I was very overwhelmed with what the artist was doing. It seemed like a lot of colours and mixing. The tutorial was unique in which there was no talking; it was all visual learning. To me, this was a unique way of learning, as I had to watch what the artist was doing, and that involved rewinding and pausing many times. The video did have text on the screen to tell you what colours the artist was using, however I did not necessarily have the exact colours that the artist had. This caused me to have to adapt and mix colours slightly differently than the artist did.

One of the techniques that was new to me and that I enjoyed was brushing water on the canvas prior to beginning to paint. Once I put the paint on, it spread very easily and allowed me to use less paint that I otherwise would have. Overall, I am happy with this painting, except for the upper palm tree. It was the first palm tree (the second one better resembles a palm tree) and I tried to match the artist’s technique, however did not quite accomplish it. I am very satisfied with the sunset background. The technique of blending colours was apparent while doing the sunset. I learned a lot about brush strokes while engaging in this sunset.

img_2254Here I am working on the sunset.

The YouTube tutorial that I followed was created by Paint Academy. While the video was only 16 minutes in length, it took me about 2-2.5 hours to complete the painting with the pausing and rewinding. Throughout the video, there was a lot of going back and watching the artist’s colour mixing, and stroke technique. Overall, it was a very good tutorial, and it was a new way to learn for me with no talking and all watching. At the beginning I struggled with this, however as the video progressed, I got better at watching and then doing my own.


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