The Frustrations of Painting a Night Beach

This week’s painting was the most frustrating painting so far. It seemed that everything that could go wrong went wrong. I began optimistic thinking I would follow Allison Prior’s Landscape tutorial from YouTube. I began, however as soon as I got to the clouds, it did not go well. I probably sat, attempting to paint the clouds for close to 45 minutes, when I just decided I needed to stop. I was growing extremely frustrated at my inability to get the clouds looking like clouds. I decided that maybe doing that painting wasn’t the best thing for me because it seemed more like a chore than an enjoyable project. I was extremely frustrated. I decided if I could find another video from Allison Prior and follow a new tutorial, in hopes of becoming less frustrated. I thought maybe I chose something too hard for me so early in the learning project. I found the Night Beach Scene tutorial and decided this one looked much better.   I began, when I was in the middle of the sky and ran out of blue paint. This was me:


After a short trip to Michaels to get more paint, I sat down and continued painting. I felt so much better. Here was the final product:


I am not the biggest fan of how my painting turned out. In fact, I thought about not even posting this and just doing another painting; one that would turn out better. I had to stop, and think and tell myself that this learning project is not about the product, but about the process. Therefore, I do need to post and show my frustrations. This way, I can look back at this and see what I learned through my frustration. This also got me thinking that in a classroom, students are going to be frustrated at times, and we encourage them not to quit, so why am I? I have to be a role model for them and just quitting out of frustration or because I do not like something is not appropriate. I think had I been less frustrated, the painting would have turned out better. I put too much black and it overpowers the blue undertones of the painting. After thinking about this, I wonder if the dark colours have any relation to how I was feeling during the painting; frustrated and stressed.

Allison Prior’s tutorial was a very good tutorial for the beginner. She is very vocal as to what she is doing and how to do it. The only downside to her videos is that sometimes her lighting is not the best and sometimes her video cuts off the bottom of her painting. This was particularly challenging when we were doing the bottom part of the painting, as I could not see, but relied on the auditory aspects of her tutorial. I read the comments of her video as others had commented on this aspect, and she replied and said that in her new videos, she pays attention to this and shows the entire painting.

After finishing the painting, I decided to try to connect with Allison Prior, the artist who made the tutorial I followed. Much to my surprise, she replied back after I posted. Here is a snapshot of our conversation:


Before this project had started, I never would have thought I would connect with an artist from Newfoundland. The conversation between us has shown me the powers of social media; being able to connect with others who you never would have expected. As I am building up my PLN, I am beginning to see all of the positives of “being on the internet”.

Although this was a frustrating painting, be sure to stay tuned for next week’s painting, where I will be attempting to create my own painting using the techniques I have learned thus far.



5 thoughts on “The Frustrations of Painting a Night Beach

  1. Great commentary on how our students can get frustrated with a task. Sometimes we forget how it is to grapple with someone and we do (occasionally) need reminded of that feeling so we can help our students work through it.


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