Sunset at the Beach Painting and Video


This week’s painting was the most successful one thus far. I am the most satisfied with this painting. I was unsure of how it was going to turn out, as I did not follow a tutorial, but wanted to “test” my skills that I have learned so far. I did not have a plan going into painting, aside from knowing I wanted to incorporate a sunset and a lake because these were my favourite elements from the other paintings I’ve done. I began by painting the sunset, and believe it is the most successful thus far. The paint seemed to blend really well together. I knew from this painting that I liked the silhouette element of the beach so put that in this painting. I knew something needed to go in between the water and the sunset. After looking at some other pictures on Pinterest, I really liked the silhouette land. I then research on how to create land silhouettes. I found an interesting technique, where you create the shape using paper and then use the paper to “trace” the outline of the land. It turned out very well!

Before I started this painting, I wondered about how I would document this learning, as I decided I needed to do something more than just take pictures as I had done that for every painting. I decided I would record myself painting and create a video. The problem… I’ve never created a video before. I found an old mini tripod laying around the house, taped my phone to it to record (could not find the actual attachments for it). Then I set it up and began painting. There were times where I had to stop the video to let the paint dry, or to research something. After I was done, I had to learn how to edit a video. I used iMovie (since that is what is on my computer). I watched a video to know how to use iMovie. I realize that my video is not very complex, but I hope to learn more about iMovie and learn more of the nuances of the program. I’ve also realized that I need to be more careful about the lighting since after watching the video, there is a glare on my painting the entire time. I also learned how to upload a YouTube video. I’ve never done that before and quite honestly did not realize how long it takes to upload a 2 minute video.

Here is the completed video:


Overall, I could not be happier with this painting. The past couple paintings that I’ve done, I been left completely frustrated, but this one I am overjoyed with. In fact, this one is actually on display in my house, not just tucked into a corner. Last week, I started questioning my learning project topic, wondering why I would choose something that would leave me so frustrated all the time. After reflecting upon this, I realized that it is because I am learning something brand new and I should have expected to feel some of these emotions. There will be ups and there will be downs. This week was definitely a big up. I am happy to say that what I learned in terms of painting techniques during the weeks I was frustrated created some of my favourite parts of this weeks painting.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week’s painting!


4 thoughts on “Sunset at the Beach Painting and Video

  1. Beautiful art work and painting Christina, I wish I could paint as well as you did! I am not artistic at all… so I chose calligraphy writing for my learning project as it furthers my ability to hand right and is an achievable goal for myself!


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