My First #saskedchat

Last night, I joined my first #saskedchat. If you are not sure what #saskedchat is, it is a Twitter chat that happens every Thursday night. Educators from all over the world participate in answering questions about education and engaging with educators. Honestly, prior to ECMP355, I had no idea what a #saskedchat was. Even once I found out what they were, I thought that I did not have enough experience in the classroom to join in. After receiving feedback about our learning so far from our professor, Katia Hildebrandt, she encouraged me to join a #saskedchat to grow my PLN even further. Then, in class Thursday night, she mentioned it to the entire class and introduced us to TweetDeck. I was feeling confident that this was something I could do so I decided that I would join in.

There were a few challenges when I first joined the chat, as I was also in ECMP 355. I was definitely testing my multitasking skills. This may not have been the best way to start out, but honestly, I decided I just needed to jump in. Katia had also mentioned it was okay to lurk the first time joining a #saskedchat. I decided I would just jump in with both feet and actually Tweet and answer the questions. It was actually quite easy to do so, as the topic was about movement in the classroom, which is something that I am quite passionate about.

Here are a couple snapshots of the contributions I made to this weeks #saskedchat:


A couple things I learned from #saskedchat:

  1. It goes quick. Since I was trying to pay attention in class and participate in the chat, I felt as though I missed some things. You have to stay on top of it, or you will miss it. I also focused more on answering the questions and reading what others said, rather than interacting with others. Interacting with others during the chat will come as I get more experienced.
  2. It is an EXCELLENT way to build your PLN. The number of followers I received screen-shot-2017-03-03-at-2-57-36-pmduring the chat was quite high (and they were others than just in the class!). I am quite excited to learn more from these wonderful educators. After the chat, Lemarr Treadwell reached out to me and sent me a photo of other educators (chat moderators) that are excellent people to follow! Without a doubt, I will be following these educators!

So the question, will I join a #saskedchat again? The answer is undoubtedly YES, next week!!


One thought on “My First #saskedchat

  1. We are so glad that you joined us for #saskedchat. The hashtag #saskedchat is just a way to help people find the chat. It really is open to anyone who wants to join in but it does signify that that the chat originates in Saskatchewan and, to some extent, discusses things that relevant and important to Sask teachers. As you can see, there are many people who participate from all over and, on most nights, there can be people from a great many places taking part, which is one of the many great things that happen when you regularly join in any chat. We hope that you and other beginning teachers will join us to share and chat regularly!


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