img_2421-2This week I tried something that I had not thought I would try. That is finger painting. I know your thinking WHY. I had never thought I would be finger painting (in fact, I did not even know that finger painting for adults was something adults did, unless you are with a young child). Jane, from Painting with Jane (I followed her tutorial last time, and you can check out my blog about that here) posted a new tutorial on YouTube that was about finger painting. I was very intrigued. I thought, is this something artists do? So, I looked it up. Sure enough, there are famous finger painting artists. For example, Iris Scott is a finger painter who paints with oils. Her work is incredible. I decided that I would follow Jane’s tutorial with finger painting.

When I set out to finger paint, I set everything like I normally do; however I then realized that I did not need my paintbrushes. I also realized this was going to be messy, and probably needed extra paper towel, and even a bowl to wash my hands in! The next step was finding a “paint shirt”. This reminded me of kindergarten! I also decided that I was going to video my finger painting experience because it was quite unique for me.

Here is the final video of me painting:

I learned few things while finger painting. Firstly, it is a great way to learn how to blend colours and what certain colours will look like when they are mixed. Secondly, I learned that it is definitely a “minimalist” way to paint. There are very few supplies needed, just your fingers, paint, and a canvas. And thirdly, it gets very messy. I had paint under my fingernails for quite some time after finger painting. I definitely had blue fingernails for a couple of days after painting.


How I looked after finger painting

Photo Credit: sparky_vision Flickr via Compfight cc

I also learned a couple of things about video making. Firstly, check the storage on your phone and make sure there is enough room. As I was painting, I looked over, and all I saw was “Not enough storage. Your video has stopped recording”. I was devastated. So I quickly grabbed my phone (unfortunately I forgot that I was finger painting, and suddenly my phone was blue. Thankfully I got the paint off the phone and was back on track. I watched where the video had recorded to and I might have caught it right in time. It did not seem to miss much. I can tell that this happened once I put the final video together. At 1:06, there is a slight glitch where my phone ran out of storage. I also realized that I have a bad glare (sorry) the whole time. Next time, I will make sure to use better lighting!

In terms of the video making, it was quite easy. I used iMovie, which is a program I am unfamiliar with, however quite easy to use. When I was unable to figure something out, such as insert a title, I just “YouTubed” it and there are plenty of videos to follow.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this painting. I did not think before or during that it was going to be a successful painting, however in the end, I am very pleased. My favourite part is the shadowing effect I was able to create with the vase. What is your favourite part?


7 thoughts on “FINGER PAINTING!!

  1. Christina, your painting is beautiful! My favorite part is the lilacs, I love how you blended the different shades of purple. I actually love finger painting, I find it so relaxing and a great way to de-stress. Keep it up!


    • Thanks for commenting! I was quite surprised when I first saw the tutorial that it was made with just your fingers! It was quite easy to follow, and the best part is you only need paint and your fingers! No brushes required!! Definitely give it a try and let me know how it goes!


  2. Hey! Great job on the finger painting! Far from any painting I could do! Also, I am thinking about making a video like that for my learning project in the near future. Might get your help if you don’t mind!


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