Having a Whale of a Time Painting + Time Lapse!

This week, I discovered a video that captured my eye through its vibrant colours. I just stumbled upon the video and was actually trying to find another flower picture. I followed the tutorial by TheArtSherpa on YouTube. I also found her on Twitter! Overall, the tutorial was very detailed, with directions repeated and great video quality. The tutorial is here:

Photo Credit: Dean Hochman Flickr via Compfight cc

I am extremely happy with how this turned out. I believe the colours captivated me, with the greens and the blues. The orca whale is a focal point that I believe turned out excellent. One of the biggest challenges was the mountains in the background. I painted the mountains with the snow, however was unsatisfied. I decided that once I had more of the painting done, I may like it better, however was still very unsatisfied. I decided that it was best if I just paint the mountains grey and not have the snow. My favourite part of this weeks painting was using the “splatter” technique to create the stars in the background. To accomplish this technique, you get a wet paintbrush and paint. You then take another paintbrush and hit it against the paintbrush, creating a splatter. I found this to be extremely effective in creating many stars. I can see how this technique would be extremely beneficial when creating a painting of outer space.

This week, I changed my painting location because of the light reflection that past couple of videos. I moved to a location where there was not direct sunlight and am extremely happy with how the recording turned out. There is no longer a large glare! I will say that there is a couple times where my head gets in the way and you cannot see the painting, but rather just my head (sorry).

The biggest part of this week’s learning project was learning to use iMovie. Although I used it last week, this week I really learned how to use it. There were points where I had to add text because of the recording, so I had to read how to do that. I then needed to figure out how to make the text last longer than 4 seconds, which seemed like an easy thing to do, however it seemed as though it was challenging. Eventually, with the use of Google, I figured it out! Another element that I added this week was music to my time lapse. This is something that I had to do a lot of research on, as I knew that the copyright of the music could potentially be an issue. I learned with photos to use CompFight, however there is no music on that site. I found an audio library on YouTube where you are able to browse and download music for your videos. After listening to much music, I decided on a calm, classical song, as I tend to feel calm by painting. My goal was to find music that conveyed the emotion while painting. I believe my song choice fulfilled my goal!

Here is my time lapse of me painting Aurora Borealis and Orca Whale:

Let me know what your thoughts are about this painting!


3 thoughts on “Having a Whale of a Time Painting + Time Lapse!

  1. Wow! I find your time laps videos so relaxing and fascinating to watch! Your painting looks fantastic too! How long does it usually take you to create one of your wonderful masterpieces?


    • Thank you for watching the time lapse videos and reading! I’m glad the videos are relaxing to watch- the actual painting is also very relaxing to do! Each painting takes a different amount of time, however I would say that on average, each painting takes between an hour and a half to two hours. This one took me the longest out of all of the paintings. It took me close to 2.5 hours.

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