There’s No Rose Without a Thorn

This week I decided that I would attempt a fabulous rose painting! I follow Painting with Jane on Twitter and she had tweeted that she had uploaded a new video. I was very intrigued and decided to check it out. Although the title of the video describes it as a beginner video, in the description it says that it is more of an intermediate video. I was hesitant at first, actually looking at other tutorials to do because I did not think I was ready to tackle an intermediate painting. After looking at numerous other tutorials, I could not find one that I liked better than the rose painting, and decided that I would attempt it. In watching the video, the logical thing would have been to attempt some of the roses using the technique Jane shows on a scrap paper to get the feel. I just decided to jump right in. I am not exactly overly excited with my result, however also not disappointed. I know this is not my best painting, but it showed me that I can begin the challenge myself with more intermediate videos. However, when I move into the intermediate videos, I will try some of the techniques before painting the actual picture. If you examine my roses carefully, you are able to tell which rose I painted first, versus which rose I painted last. There was definitely improvement by practicing (I just should have practiced not on my painting but on something else).

Once again, I created a time lapse of myself painting. If you watch the time lapse, you will notice that I paint the background twice (maybe you think I put the clip in twice). The truth is, I painted the background, and then examined it and compared it to the tutorial, decided it was much to dark. It appears that I have a tendency to make things darker than they need to be. Some of my complaints about my earlier paintings are that they were too dark. Instead of just leaving this one, I just decided to let it dry and then repaint the background, this time lighter. Hence, the two clips of me painting the background. I could have easily left the first clip out, however it was part of my learning journey that I recognize that I was not satisfied the first time and redid it. I believe this learning is something that can transfer to the classroom. If at first you are not satisfied with something, do not just forget about it; go back and redo it until you are satisfied.  I have to admit, I love the background of this painting.  It is one of my favourite parts! I am so glad that I redid it!

Here is the time lapse (I feel as though it goes extremely fast in the middle, sorry):

Last week I read Shayla Kapila’s blog post on YouTube perks. Specifically, she discusses the video editor tool. I had always used iMovie to edit my videos, however after reading her post, I decided to check it out! I found it very easy to use, however found there are not as many features as iMovie. However, it did drastically reduce the upload time. Thank you Shayla for the recommendation.



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