Final Painting: Fall Landscape

For my final painting project, I decided that I would paint a video by Allison Prior.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking, why her or what is so special about her?  If you recall, I did a painting from her previously, near the beginning of my learning project, and was left less than satisfied.  I had also started one from Allison Prior, however got so frustrated, just gave up and did a new painting one week!  I felt as though I wanted to paint my final painting by following one of her tutorials, almost as a way to prove to me that I could do it! I knew that throughout my painting journey, I had improved, and felt that I was ready to successfully tackle one of her videos. The reason that I chose this specific video is because I believe that it captured many of the different techniques that I have been learning throughout my acrylic painting journey.  There were also some new techniques that I learned while doing this painting!

Once again, I completed a time lapse for this painting:

Photo Credit: Bernardo Ramonfaur Flickr via Compfight cc

If you compare my painting to Allison Prior’s painting, you will notice that I have no clouds in my painting.  The reason is that I have previously attempted clouds (you can read about that here), and they were extremely tricky to do.  I did not want this painting to be ruined because of the clouds.  I decided that I would not paint the clouds initially, and if at the end I felt as though my painting needed them, I would add them.  In the end, I decided that I liked my painting enough without the clouds and did not want to ruin it with adding clouds. I believe that this shows incredible growth of my painting progress throughout this project.  Previously, I would have followed exactly what the tutorial said, and even if I did not like something, continue to follow the tutorial.  However, now, I am able to get rid of things that I do not like in the painting, and possibly add other elements that I think should be added.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this painting.  I completed it on a larger canvas than all of my other paintings and believe that it showed my growth throughout the semester.  After I finished painting, I compared my first painting to this painting and was blown away by how much I had improved.


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