My Acrylic Painting Journey

My learning project has come to an end and have decided to reflect upon what I have learned throughout the project.

At the beginning of my project, I set a goal for myself that I would attend a Paint Nite.  If you have followed, you may have noticed that I did not attend a Paint Nite. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been looking for a Paint Nite to attend, however due to night classes and other commitments, I have been unable to find one where I like the painting and works with my schedule.  However, you can be sure that I will attend a Paint Nite soon! I have found a couple at the end of April in which I like and work with my schedule, so will most likely attend one of those!

Update: A friend asked me if I wanted to attend a Paint Nite with her on April 10th and therefore will reach my goal of attending a Paint Nite! I am very excited that this opportunity arose!

Update: I attended at Paint Nite and can officially say that my learning project goal is complete! You can read all about my experience at Paint Nite here.

In looking back from the beginning of January until the first week of April, I believe there has been tremendous growth and improvement of my paintings.

The Journey of Painting Begins

  • My first post where I explain my inspiration and my goals for my acrylic painting journey
  • Consulted this online resource to gain understanding of the supplies needed
  • Bought paint, brushes and canvases in preperation

Painting #1: Sunset Painting with Palm Trees 

  • Followed a YouTube tutorial  by Paint Academy
  • Learned the techniques of painting a sunset and creating silhouettes
  • Used as my baseline painting


 Painting #2: Birch Tree Painting Using an App

  • Downloaded the app “Acrylic Painting Tutorials: 170 Video Lessons
  • Found the app to be overwhelming and unorganized, however the tutorials were well done.
  • Learned the techniques of birch trees and blending colours


Painting #3: The Frustrations of Painting a Night Beach

  • Followed Allison Prior’s tutorial
  • Connected with Allison Prior online
  • Bought a new brush: the fan brush
  • Learned the techniques of creating reflections, rocks, stars, and moving water
  • This was my least favourite painting as I was frustrated how dark it turned out.



Painting #4: Sunset at the Beach Painting 

  • Did not follow a tutorial; created the painting using techniques learned in the first three paintings
  • Recorded myself painting and created a time lapse!
  • Learned how to use iMovie
  • One of my favourite paintings
  • Joined a Facebook Acrylic Painting Group
  • Techniques used included blending to create the sunset, moving water, and silhouette.


Painting #5: The Discovery of the Blowdryer for Painting…

  • Followed Paint with Jane YouTube tutorial (recommended from the Facebook group I joined)
  • Learned to blowdry the painting to speed up drying time
  • Learned the techniques of creating a distressed barn look, highlights on the pedals




Painting #6: FINGER PAINTING!! 

  • Followed Paint with Jane YouTube tutorial
  • I was unaware that professional painters finger paint and was inspired by the art created with just your fingers could be so beautiful.
  • This is easily my favourite painting. I am extremely pleased that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and decided to finger paint.
  • Created a time lapse of myself painting
  • Learned the techniques of painting flowers with fingers and creating shadows


Painting #7: Having a Whale of a Time Painting

  • Followed The ArtSherpa YouTube tutorial who was very thorough in her instruction.
  • Created a time lapse from a new location to reduce the glare that was in all the other time lapses. I added music to my time lapse!
  • Learned the techniques of star “splatter”, rocks, drawing a whale, waterfalls and northern lights.

Painting #8: There’s No Rose Without a Thorn

  • Followed a Paint with Jane YouTube tutorial 
  • My first intermediate video! There were some challenges, but overall pleased with the painting.
  • Tried out the YouTube editor after a recommendation from Shayla Kapila.
  • Learned the techniques of blending colours, roses, colour on black paint



Painting #9: Fall Landscape

  • My final painting that encompassed many techniques learned throughout my painting journey.
  • Followed Allison Prior YouTube tutorial after being frustrated with a previously following one of her tutorials.
  • One of my favourite paintings. I am very proud of how it came together.
  • Used the techniques of blending colours, moving water, and highlighting
  • Learned the techniques of evergreen trees and reflection

Painting #10: Paint Nite Success

  • I accomplished my goal for this learning project by attending a Paint Nite
  • Felt confident throughout the painting because I had some background knowledge
  • Learned about palette management
  • Use the techniques of colour mixing, blending, and highlighting



In addition to the resources listed within the specific paintings, here are a couple of resources that I consulted to help learn acrylic painting:

  • Craftsy: This blog goes through many of the techniques for beginner acrylic painters. In the tutorials, there were many times when the painter said “We are going to use wet-on-wet”, however was unfamiliar with the term.  This blog provides a definition and a photograph of different technique which was useful to refer back to.
  • Art Is Fun: This website explores the different types of brushes that are used when acrylic painting. It was useful to read what each brush is used for and when each brush should be used.

In reflecting upon my acrylic painting journey, I learned a lot about myself and believe that it was an extremely valuable experience to challenge myself in an area where I did not think I could excel.  I believe that a picture paints a thousand words and will leave you with my first painting and my last painting.  The progress between these paintings, in my opinion, is massive:

First/Baseline Painting

Final Painting



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