How I Have Contributed to the Learning of Others

Prior to ECMP355, I had never thought about growing a PLN, sharing educational articles, or tweeting about education.  In fact, when I joined ECMP355, I had to create a Twitter account and create a blog.  For me, the learning curve was steep.  Over the past four months, however, I have gained an appreciation for growing a PLN and tweeting about education.  During these four months, I have learned from others and I hope others have learned from me.  I have been able to have great conversations with colleagues in ECMP 355, as well as others from all over the world in the education field.  The following will show many examples of growing my PLN.


Over the course of the semester, I learned how to tweet, retweet, and reply to others over Twitter.  At the beginning of the semester, I more just “lurked” on Twitter, where I would retweet education resources, however grew and began interacting with others on Twitter.  I discovered the power of hashtags, including #ecmp355, #elemed, #edchat, and #edtech.  It is through these hashtags that I connected with others, both in ECMP355 and other across the world.  Through these hashtags, I have been able to collect valuable resources and share valuable resources.  In having others retweet me, I have shared resources that will reach a larger audience, which will then contribute to their learning.  I also discovered Twitter chats, which are extremely powerful way to learn and share in the learning of others.  Over the course of the semester, I participated in many #saskedchats, where I contributed to other’s learning.  In these chats, others also taught me a lot and provided me with new resources that I am excited to try in the classroom.  By participating in these chats, and interacting with others, my PLN grew.  I challenged myself to Tweet, retweet or reply to someone’s tweet at least 4 times per day and believe I was successful in achieving this.  Below are some highlights of my Twitter interactions:


Over the course of the semester, I had the opportunity to learn from many who asked and answered questions through our Google+ community.  As someone who is very new to using technology in the classroom, there were many times where I could not answer someone’s question, and it was a learning experience for myself! In our Google+ community, I asked questions relating to course content, which helped others learn in that they were able to see the answers if they had similar questions.  In learning more about Google+, I also joined other communities that relate to Educational Technology.  Within these communities, I would post certain resources that I found through Twitter and contributed to other’s learning in that way.  Here are some highlights of my contributions to the Google+ community:


Throughout the semester, we wrote blog posts and were encouraged to comment on other people’s blogs.  When I was writing my blogs, I ensured that I had resources within my blog so that others could not only learn from my blog, but have resources to go to for more information.  This helps others learn as they are able to extend their learning past what I am just telling them in the blog post.  By providing comments on others’ blogs as well as sharing resources within the blog, I am contributing to the learning of others.  I also tried to make my blog posts very inviting for comments and questions.  I believe that by interacting with others, it promotes learning, as someone may have a different perspective than you and may challenge you to think about something in a different way.

At the beginning of the course, I decided that commenting on other people’s posts would be a priority for myself and I wanted to provide an insightful comment.  Rather than just commenting “Great post”, I wanted to provide an insight to gain more knowledge, and ask questions if I had any.  In providing specific and insightful comments, it contributes to the learning of others! Commenting on other people’s blogs may provide a perspective that was not previously thought of in their post.  It may also make connections to their personal lives.  Not only does it contribute to the learning of the author of the blog, but other readers of the blog.  Through reading my comments on the blogs, they are able to see different perspectives and make personal connections.  Below are some of the highlights of my comments on others’ blogs:

Throughout the semester, I have kept a record of the blog comments that I have made and can be found here.

Overall, throughout the course of the semester, I have learned a lot from others through the use of Twitter, Google+, and blogging.  These online tools are extremely powerful in the learning of others as they connect people who may not have been otherwise able to connect.



One thought on “How I Have Contributed to the Learning of Others

  1. Thank you for sharing your great contribution. It looks like time passed by with a blink of an eye. I really had a great time and enjoyed ECMP 355 class.
    I hope everyone has the same feelings.


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