Paint Nite Success!

I attended my first Paint Nite this week, and it was a huge success.  I can officially say that my goal for my learning project has been accomplished! While painting, I felt very much at ease and comfortable because I had some experience. 

The instruction at the Paint Nite was very similar to a YouTube tutorial, without the ability to rewind and pause! I would definitely consider this to not be my absolute best painting, however the social aspect of attending the Paint Nite was absolutely amazing.  Some of the things that I learned throughout the Paint Nite included palette management. We only had one paper plate and 5 colours and created many different colours from the original colours.  I had to be conscientious about not using too much room on my palette so that my colours did not run together.  I also learned a new technique to create the leaves on the tree.  The leaves are one of my favourite part of this painting.  If you remember, in my fall landscape painting, I also did leaves, however used a different technique.  This is something that fascinates me about painting; people use different techniques to get a similar result.

My owl in my painting is something that definitely could be improved! The owl is disproportionate, as the head significantly larger than the body. I just like to refer to the owl as my smart (large head) but fit (small body) owl.  I did feel that this part of the Paint Nite was rushed.

One of the major differences that I found between the Paint Nite and my learning of painting using online tutorials was the fact that there was no chance to “practice” before painting.  When I was painting during online tutorials, I sometimes grabbed a piece of paper to practice on before I drew something, however at Paint Nite, you just hoped that it was going to turn out!  Another major difference was the fact that at Paint Nite there were only three brushes that you used, a large, a medium, and a small.  When I painted using tutorials, I had a variety of brushes, and used more than three.  It was a great learning experience to see that even by only using three brushes, a painting can still turn out beautifully.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my experience at Paint Nite.  It was something that I had not previously done and I am glad that I had the opportunity to go. I felt very much at ease that my painting would turn out (at least somewhat) because I had some background knowledge with painting.  I can definitely see myself attending other Paint Nites!


2 thoughts on “Paint Nite Success!

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  2. Wow that painting is so cute!! I’ve always wanted to attend a paint night but been too scared… I don’t want to be the only person with art that doesn’t turn out hahah. But it looks like you enjoyed it!


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