Paint Nite Success!

I attended my first Paint Nite this week, and it was a huge success.  I can officially say that my goal for my learning project has been accomplished! While painting, I felt very much at ease and comfortable because I had some experience. 

The instruction at the Paint Nite was very similar to a YouTube tutorial, without the ability to rewind and pause! I would definitely consider this to not be my absolute best painting, however the social aspect of attending the Paint Nite was absolutely amazing.  Some of the things that I learned throughout the Paint Nite included palette management. We only had one paper plate and 5 colours and created many different colours from the original colours.  I had to be conscientious about not using too much room on my palette so that my colours did not run together.  I also learned a new technique to create the leaves on the tree.  The leaves are one of my favourite part of this painting.  If you remember, in my fall landscape painting, I also did leaves, however used a different technique.  This is something that fascinates me about painting; people use different techniques to get a similar result.

My owl in my painting is something that definitely could be improved! The owl is disproportionate, as the head significantly larger than the body. I just like to refer to the owl as my smart (large head) but fit (small body) owl.  I did feel that this part of the Paint Nite was rushed.

One of the major differences that I found between the Paint Nite and my learning of painting using online tutorials was the fact that there was no chance to “practice” before painting.  When I was painting during online tutorials, I sometimes grabbed a piece of paper to practice on before I drew something, however at Paint Nite, you just hoped that it was going to turn out!  Another major difference was the fact that at Paint Nite there were only three brushes that you used, a large, a medium, and a small.  When I painted using tutorials, I had a variety of brushes, and used more than three.  It was a great learning experience to see that even by only using three brushes, a painting can still turn out beautifully.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my experience at Paint Nite.  It was something that I had not previously done and I am glad that I had the opportunity to go. I felt very much at ease that my painting would turn out (at least somewhat) because I had some background knowledge with painting.  I can definitely see myself attending other Paint Nites!


My Acrylic Painting Journey

My learning project has come to an end and have decided to reflect upon what I have learned throughout the project.

At the beginning of my project, I set a goal for myself that I would attend a Paint Nite.  If you have followed, you may have noticed that I did not attend a Paint Nite. Over the past couple of weeks, I have been looking for a Paint Nite to attend, however due to night classes and other commitments, I have been unable to find one where I like the painting and works with my schedule.  However, you can be sure that I will attend a Paint Nite soon! I have found a couple at the end of April in which I like and work with my schedule, so will most likely attend one of those!

Update: A friend asked me if I wanted to attend a Paint Nite with her on April 10th and therefore will reach my goal of attending a Paint Nite! I am very excited that this opportunity arose!

Update: I attended at Paint Nite and can officially say that my learning project goal is complete! You can read all about my experience at Paint Nite here.

In looking back from the beginning of January until the first week of April, I believe there has been tremendous growth and improvement of my paintings.

The Journey of Painting Begins

  • My first post where I explain my inspiration and my goals for my acrylic painting journey
  • Consulted this online resource to gain understanding of the supplies needed
  • Bought paint, brushes and canvases in preperation

Painting #1: Sunset Painting with Palm Trees 

  • Followed a YouTube tutorial  by Paint Academy
  • Learned the techniques of painting a sunset and creating silhouettes
  • Used as my baseline painting


 Painting #2: Birch Tree Painting Using an App

  • Downloaded the app “Acrylic Painting Tutorials: 170 Video Lessons
  • Found the app to be overwhelming and unorganized, however the tutorials were well done.
  • Learned the techniques of birch trees and blending colours


Painting #3: The Frustrations of Painting a Night Beach

  • Followed Allison Prior’s tutorial
  • Connected with Allison Prior online
  • Bought a new brush: the fan brush
  • Learned the techniques of creating reflections, rocks, stars, and moving water
  • This was my least favourite painting as I was frustrated how dark it turned out.



Painting #4: Sunset at the Beach Painting 

  • Did not follow a tutorial; created the painting using techniques learned in the first three paintings
  • Recorded myself painting and created a time lapse!
  • Learned how to use iMovie
  • One of my favourite paintings
  • Joined a Facebook Acrylic Painting Group
  • Techniques used included blending to create the sunset, moving water, and silhouette.


Painting #5: The Discovery of the Blowdryer for Painting…

  • Followed Paint with Jane YouTube tutorial (recommended from the Facebook group I joined)
  • Learned to blowdry the painting to speed up drying time
  • Learned the techniques of creating a distressed barn look, highlights on the pedals




Painting #6: FINGER PAINTING!! 

  • Followed Paint with Jane YouTube tutorial
  • I was unaware that professional painters finger paint and was inspired by the art created with just your fingers could be so beautiful.
  • This is easily my favourite painting. I am extremely pleased that I stepped outside of my comfort zone and decided to finger paint.
  • Created a time lapse of myself painting
  • Learned the techniques of painting flowers with fingers and creating shadows


Painting #7: Having a Whale of a Time Painting

  • Followed The ArtSherpa YouTube tutorial who was very thorough in her instruction.
  • Created a time lapse from a new location to reduce the glare that was in all the other time lapses. I added music to my time lapse!
  • Learned the techniques of star “splatter”, rocks, drawing a whale, waterfalls and northern lights.

Painting #8: There’s No Rose Without a Thorn

  • Followed a Paint with Jane YouTube tutorial 
  • My first intermediate video! There were some challenges, but overall pleased with the painting.
  • Tried out the YouTube editor after a recommendation from Shayla Kapila.
  • Learned the techniques of blending colours, roses, colour on black paint



Painting #9: Fall Landscape

  • My final painting that encompassed many techniques learned throughout my painting journey.
  • Followed Allison Prior YouTube tutorial after being frustrated with a previously following one of her tutorials.
  • One of my favourite paintings. I am very proud of how it came together.
  • Used the techniques of blending colours, moving water, and highlighting
  • Learned the techniques of evergreen trees and reflection

Painting #10: Paint Nite Success

  • I accomplished my goal for this learning project by attending a Paint Nite
  • Felt confident throughout the painting because I had some background knowledge
  • Learned about palette management
  • Use the techniques of colour mixing, blending, and highlighting



In addition to the resources listed within the specific paintings, here are a couple of resources that I consulted to help learn acrylic painting:

  • Craftsy: This blog goes through many of the techniques for beginner acrylic painters. In the tutorials, there were many times when the painter said “We are going to use wet-on-wet”, however was unfamiliar with the term.  This blog provides a definition and a photograph of different technique which was useful to refer back to.
  • Art Is Fun: This website explores the different types of brushes that are used when acrylic painting. It was useful to read what each brush is used for and when each brush should be used.

In reflecting upon my acrylic painting journey, I learned a lot about myself and believe that it was an extremely valuable experience to challenge myself in an area where I did not think I could excel.  I believe that a picture paints a thousand words and will leave you with my first painting and my last painting.  The progress between these paintings, in my opinion, is massive:

First/Baseline Painting

Final Painting


Final Painting: Fall Landscape

For my final painting project, I decided that I would paint a video by Allison Prior.  Now I’m sure you’re thinking, why her or what is so special about her?  If you recall, I did a painting from her previously, near the beginning of my learning project, and was left less than satisfied.  I had also started one from Allison Prior, however got so frustrated, just gave up and did a new painting one week!  I felt as though I wanted to paint my final painting by following one of her tutorials, almost as a way to prove to me that I could do it! I knew that throughout my painting journey, I had improved, and felt that I was ready to successfully tackle one of her videos. The reason that I chose this specific video is because I believe that it captured many of the different techniques that I have been learning throughout my acrylic painting journey.  There were also some new techniques that I learned while doing this painting!

Once again, I completed a time lapse for this painting:

Photo Credit: Bernardo Ramonfaur Flickr via Compfight cc

If you compare my painting to Allison Prior’s painting, you will notice that I have no clouds in my painting.  The reason is that I have previously attempted clouds (you can read about that here), and they were extremely tricky to do.  I did not want this painting to be ruined because of the clouds.  I decided that I would not paint the clouds initially, and if at the end I felt as though my painting needed them, I would add them.  In the end, I decided that I liked my painting enough without the clouds and did not want to ruin it with adding clouds. I believe that this shows incredible growth of my painting progress throughout this project.  Previously, I would have followed exactly what the tutorial said, and even if I did not like something, continue to follow the tutorial.  However, now, I am able to get rid of things that I do not like in the painting, and possibly add other elements that I think should be added.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this painting.  I completed it on a larger canvas than all of my other paintings and believe that it showed my growth throughout the semester.  After I finished painting, I compared my first painting to this painting and was blown away by how much I had improved.

There’s No Rose Without a Thorn

This week I decided that I would attempt a fabulous rose painting! I follow Painting with Jane on Twitter and she had tweeted that she had uploaded a new video. I was very intrigued and decided to check it out. Although the title of the video describes it as a beginner video, in the description it says that it is more of an intermediate video. I was hesitant at first, actually looking at other tutorials to do because I did not think I was ready to tackle an intermediate painting. After looking at numerous other tutorials, I could not find one that I liked better than the rose painting, and decided that I would attempt it. In watching the video, the logical thing would have been to attempt some of the roses using the technique Jane shows on a scrap paper to get the feel. I just decided to jump right in. I am not exactly overly excited with my result, however also not disappointed. I know this is not my best painting, but it showed me that I can begin the challenge myself with more intermediate videos. However, when I move into the intermediate videos, I will try some of the techniques before painting the actual picture. If you examine my roses carefully, you are able to tell which rose I painted first, versus which rose I painted last. There was definitely improvement by practicing (I just should have practiced not on my painting but on something else).

Once again, I created a time lapse of myself painting. If you watch the time lapse, you will notice that I paint the background twice (maybe you think I put the clip in twice). The truth is, I painted the background, and then examined it and compared it to the tutorial, decided it was much to dark. It appears that I have a tendency to make things darker than they need to be. Some of my complaints about my earlier paintings are that they were too dark. Instead of just leaving this one, I just decided to let it dry and then repaint the background, this time lighter. Hence, the two clips of me painting the background. I could have easily left the first clip out, however it was part of my learning journey that I recognize that I was not satisfied the first time and redid it. I believe this learning is something that can transfer to the classroom. If at first you are not satisfied with something, do not just forget about it; go back and redo it until you are satisfied.  I have to admit, I love the background of this painting.  It is one of my favourite parts! I am so glad that I redid it!

Here is the time lapse (I feel as though it goes extremely fast in the middle, sorry):

Last week I read Shayla Kapila’s blog post on YouTube perks. Specifically, she discusses the video editor tool. I had always used iMovie to edit my videos, however after reading her post, I decided to check it out! I found it very easy to use, however found there are not as many features as iMovie. However, it did drastically reduce the upload time. Thank you Shayla for the recommendation.


Having a Whale of a Time Painting + Time Lapse!

This week, I discovered a video that captured my eye through its vibrant colours. I just stumbled upon the video and was actually trying to find another flower picture. I followed the tutorial by TheArtSherpa on YouTube. I also found her on Twitter! Overall, the tutorial was very detailed, with directions repeated and great video quality. The tutorial is here:

Photo Credit: Dean Hochman Flickr via Compfight cc

I am extremely happy with how this turned out. I believe the colours captivated me, with the greens and the blues. The orca whale is a focal point that I believe turned out excellent. One of the biggest challenges was the mountains in the background. I painted the mountains with the snow, however was unsatisfied. I decided that once I had more of the painting done, I may like it better, however was still very unsatisfied. I decided that it was best if I just paint the mountains grey and not have the snow. My favourite part of this weeks painting was using the “splatter” technique to create the stars in the background. To accomplish this technique, you get a wet paintbrush and paint. You then take another paintbrush and hit it against the paintbrush, creating a splatter. I found this to be extremely effective in creating many stars. I can see how this technique would be extremely beneficial when creating a painting of outer space.

This week, I changed my painting location because of the light reflection that past couple of videos. I moved to a location where there was not direct sunlight and am extremely happy with how the recording turned out. There is no longer a large glare! I will say that there is a couple times where my head gets in the way and you cannot see the painting, but rather just my head (sorry).

The biggest part of this week’s learning project was learning to use iMovie. Although I used it last week, this week I really learned how to use it. There were points where I had to add text because of the recording, so I had to read how to do that. I then needed to figure out how to make the text last longer than 4 seconds, which seemed like an easy thing to do, however it seemed as though it was challenging. Eventually, with the use of Google, I figured it out! Another element that I added this week was music to my time lapse. This is something that I had to do a lot of research on, as I knew that the copyright of the music could potentially be an issue. I learned with photos to use CompFight, however there is no music on that site. I found an audio library on YouTube where you are able to browse and download music for your videos. After listening to much music, I decided on a calm, classical song, as I tend to feel calm by painting. My goal was to find music that conveyed the emotion while painting. I believe my song choice fulfilled my goal!

Here is my time lapse of me painting Aurora Borealis and Orca Whale:

Let me know what your thoughts are about this painting!


img_2421-2This week I tried something that I had not thought I would try. That is finger painting. I know your thinking WHY. I had never thought I would be finger painting (in fact, I did not even know that finger painting for adults was something adults did, unless you are with a young child). Jane, from Painting with Jane (I followed her tutorial last time, and you can check out my blog about that here) posted a new tutorial on YouTube that was about finger painting. I was very intrigued. I thought, is this something artists do? So, I looked it up. Sure enough, there are famous finger painting artists. For example, Iris Scott is a finger painter who paints with oils. Her work is incredible. I decided that I would follow Jane’s tutorial with finger painting.

When I set out to finger paint, I set everything like I normally do; however I then realized that I did not need my paintbrushes. I also realized this was going to be messy, and probably needed extra paper towel, and even a bowl to wash my hands in! The next step was finding a “paint shirt”. This reminded me of kindergarten! I also decided that I was going to video my finger painting experience because it was quite unique for me.

Here is the final video of me painting:

I learned few things while finger painting. Firstly, it is a great way to learn how to blend colours and what certain colours will look like when they are mixed. Secondly, I learned that it is definitely a “minimalist” way to paint. There are very few supplies needed, just your fingers, paint, and a canvas. And thirdly, it gets very messy. I had paint under my fingernails for quite some time after finger painting. I definitely had blue fingernails for a couple of days after painting.


How I looked after finger painting

Photo Credit: sparky_vision Flickr via Compfight cc

I also learned a couple of things about video making. Firstly, check the storage on your phone and make sure there is enough room. As I was painting, I looked over, and all I saw was “Not enough storage. Your video has stopped recording”. I was devastated. So I quickly grabbed my phone (unfortunately I forgot that I was finger painting, and suddenly my phone was blue. Thankfully I got the paint off the phone and was back on track. I watched where the video had recorded to and I might have caught it right in time. It did not seem to miss much. I can tell that this happened once I put the final video together. At 1:06, there is a slight glitch where my phone ran out of storage. I also realized that I have a bad glare (sorry) the whole time. Next time, I will make sure to use better lighting!

In terms of the video making, it was quite easy. I used iMovie, which is a program I am unfamiliar with, however quite easy to use. When I was unable to figure something out, such as insert a title, I just “YouTubed” it and there are plenty of videos to follow.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with this painting. I did not think before or during that it was going to be a successful painting, however in the end, I am very pleased. My favourite part is the shadowing effect I was able to create with the vase. What is your favourite part?

The Discovery of the Blowdryer for Painting…

This week on my painting journey I tried a kind of painting that I’ve never tried before and honestly, did not think I would like it! However, this is by far my favourite painting. The background is my favourite part.


To begin, I got my inspiration after asking a Facebook group where I should learn to paint. You can read about that in this blog post. Someone suggested Paint with Jane. I found her on YouTube (and Twitter) and found a painting that I liked. Something that I really appreciate about Jane’s channel is her organization. She has her videos in playlists and the playlists are labeled “beginner paintings”, “Christmas paintings”, Halloween paintings”, etc. I have found that this organization makes it very easy as a beginner to find paintings that are not too difficult.

This is the tutorial that I followed here:

Something that I appreciated was that in the Painting with Jane video’s description box was a list of the paintbrushes that Jane uses (the size/shape). Also listed was the colours and the brand of colours that she used. I think what helped contribute to my success painting was the fact that I had the correct paintbrushes and the correct colours (except one). Although I have a different brand, the names of the colours were the same. I did not have the colour “Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue”, however I ran out of white paint, so had to go to Michaels. I wrote down the name (and brand) of the paint that she used, and compared it to the brand that I have when I was at Michaels! Thankfully there was a very close match!

Jane’s tutorial was very easy to follow. The angle of the camera was correct and the lighting was very good to see what she was doing. Further, she often held up her “palette” (I think its actually a paper plate!) so I was able to see what exactly she was doing when mixing colours and getting colour on her brush. When she said “get a lot of yellow on your brush”, a lot can be interpreted in many ways, however because she showed herself putting it on the brush, I was able to see what she meant by a lot.

Something that I learned, which shocked me, was to use a blowdryer to speed up the amount of time it takes to dry a painting. When Jane said, now grab your blowdryer and begin drying, I thought that I did not hear her right. I think I had this face and said, wait, what, when she said grab your hairdryer. Sure enough, after some research, yes, you do use a blowdryer to help speed up the drying time. This painting took a lot of layers, and many times drying had to happen before I was able to move on so was able to speed up the process using a blowdryer.

When I was doing this painting, I learned a new technique. To make a distressed fence look, you actually paint a combination of white, umber, and black underneath the red colour. This way the dark spots show through in the red paint. As I was doing this, I was unsure of how it was going to turn out, but the fence is one of my favourite elements on this painting!


Overall, I am very happy with this painting. It is by far by favourite painting that I have done! Stay tuned for more paintings!

Reflections on My Learning

So far in my painting journey, I have completed 4 paintings and thought this was an appropriate time to look back at what I have learnt, and where to go from here. I also have joined some online groups that are associated with acrylic painting.   I believe that during a learning process, it is appropriate to stop sometime in the middle to evaluate what is working and what is not. This way, I can see if I am accomplishing my goal, and if I am not, I can re-evaluate how I will accomplish my goal. In the classroom, when students are learning a new skill, I think it is important to teach them how to reflect on their learning and look at the big picture. So far, I have reflecting on each individual painting, however in this post, I want to look at all the painting and reading that I have done thus far.

Looking at the types of tutorials I have been using, I am surprised at how I am learning best. It appears that I learn best by watching artists paint, and mimicking their actions. Prior to painting, I always thought I was a visual and auditory learner, however I am finding that those videos with audio leave me frustrated and I do not learn as much. I was very surprised at how my painting where I did not follow a tutorial went as I did not have a “set in stone” plan when I started, but used my painting instinct as to what should be included in it.

In addition to watching tutorials, I have been reading a lot about acrylic painting. At the
beginning, I thought I would just “dive in” and paint, however now I am realizing that by reading about what I am doing, and different techniques, it is going to help me to become less reliant on the videos. For example, at the beginning of painting, I was using old paintbrushes (probably from my childhood) and disregarded when the video would discussthe different brush to use. After reading more about different techniques of painting and watching videos of artists painting, I decided I needed to do more research about having the correct brushes. I also decided that it would lead to fewer frustrations if I had to correct brushes so I went to Michaels and bought a new package of brushes! I consulted this graphic which discusses the different kinds of acrylic brushes. I found this was a very good learning sources, as it matched each brush with what kind of painting it is good with. I was introduced to the fan brush, which I had never heard of before. I used it the fan brush of my paintings, and am quite happy with the results.

In terms of where I have been learning, I have been watching YouTube videos about different techniques, and have also joined a Facebook group called “Acrylic Painting”. It is a group with 34,000 members and is a place for discussion about acrylic painting and also a place for people to sell their art. Reading the discussions are quite insightful and I have learned a lot about some of the problems people have when painting and how to solve these problems. I have also been inspired by the beautiful works of art that are presented in the group. It motivates me to keep learning! I was even brave enough to post, asking members where they learn from when it comes to acrylic painting. You can read that thread below:

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-1-39-08-pmOverall, I am very happy with my progress up to this point. While there have been frustrations, I am also very pleased with the progress and the amount of information that I have learned throughout this process. I am discovering new sources of information and connecting with others. This will transfer to teaching very well, as I am exposing myself to others and getting practice connecting with others via the internet. I am also “looking outside the box” to find tutorials and ways to learn. I am also learning how important reflection is. By going through the process of reflecting when learning a new skill is important, as I am able to see the steps. In the classroom, students will be asked to reflect on their learning of a new skill. Many times, students just answer saying “it was good” or “it was easy”. I read this article, called Learning Through Reflecting. In it, it said that many students are not taught how to properly reflect and educators do not ask students often to reflect on their learning. I believe that by having students learning, it is essential to your teaching. If the teacher understands where the students are in their learning, they are able to use that feedback for future lessons. This will ensure that the teaching is effective for the students as they are able to communicate with you if your instructional strategy worked for them.

In terms of where I will go next with painting, I am going to investigate many of the sources that were recommended to me in the Facebook group. I also hope to post a piece of art in the group and ask for critiques (this scares me a little bit). I hope to learn some new techniques and incorporate these into the ones that I have already learnt.

I hope you continue to follow my journey!

Sunset at the Beach Painting and Video


This week’s painting was the most successful one thus far. I am the most satisfied with this painting. I was unsure of how it was going to turn out, as I did not follow a tutorial, but wanted to “test” my skills that I have learned so far. I did not have a plan going into painting, aside from knowing I wanted to incorporate a sunset and a lake because these were my favourite elements from the other paintings I’ve done. I began by painting the sunset, and believe it is the most successful thus far. The paint seemed to blend really well together. I knew from this painting that I liked the silhouette element of the beach so put that in this painting. I knew something needed to go in between the water and the sunset. After looking at some other pictures on Pinterest, I really liked the silhouette land. I then research on how to create land silhouettes. I found an interesting technique, where you create the shape using paper and then use the paper to “trace” the outline of the land. It turned out very well!

Before I started this painting, I wondered about how I would document this learning, as I decided I needed to do something more than just take pictures as I had done that for every painting. I decided I would record myself painting and create a video. The problem… I’ve never created a video before. I found an old mini tripod laying around the house, taped my phone to it to record (could not find the actual attachments for it). Then I set it up and began painting. There were times where I had to stop the video to let the paint dry, or to research something. After I was done, I had to learn how to edit a video. I used iMovie (since that is what is on my computer). I watched a video to know how to use iMovie. I realize that my video is not very complex, but I hope to learn more about iMovie and learn more of the nuances of the program. I’ve also realized that I need to be more careful about the lighting since after watching the video, there is a glare on my painting the entire time. I also learned how to upload a YouTube video. I’ve never done that before and quite honestly did not realize how long it takes to upload a 2 minute video.

Here is the completed video:


Overall, I could not be happier with this painting. The past couple paintings that I’ve done, I been left completely frustrated, but this one I am overjoyed with. In fact, this one is actually on display in my house, not just tucked into a corner. Last week, I started questioning my learning project topic, wondering why I would choose something that would leave me so frustrated all the time. After reflecting upon this, I realized that it is because I am learning something brand new and I should have expected to feel some of these emotions. There will be ups and there will be downs. This week was definitely a big up. I am happy to say that what I learned in terms of painting techniques during the weeks I was frustrated created some of my favourite parts of this weeks painting.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for next week’s painting!

The Frustrations of Painting a Night Beach

This week’s painting was the most frustrating painting so far. It seemed that everything that could go wrong went wrong. I began optimistic thinking I would follow Allison Prior’s Landscape tutorial from YouTube. I began, however as soon as I got to the clouds, it did not go well. I probably sat, attempting to paint the clouds for close to 45 minutes, when I just decided I needed to stop. I was growing extremely frustrated at my inability to get the clouds looking like clouds. I decided that maybe doing that painting wasn’t the best thing for me because it seemed more like a chore than an enjoyable project. I was extremely frustrated. I decided if I could find another video from Allison Prior and follow a new tutorial, in hopes of becoming less frustrated. I thought maybe I chose something too hard for me so early in the learning project. I found the Night Beach Scene tutorial and decided this one looked much better.   I began, when I was in the middle of the sky and ran out of blue paint. This was me:


After a short trip to Michaels to get more paint, I sat down and continued painting. I felt so much better. Here was the final product:


I am not the biggest fan of how my painting turned out. In fact, I thought about not even posting this and just doing another painting; one that would turn out better. I had to stop, and think and tell myself that this learning project is not about the product, but about the process. Therefore, I do need to post and show my frustrations. This way, I can look back at this and see what I learned through my frustration. This also got me thinking that in a classroom, students are going to be frustrated at times, and we encourage them not to quit, so why am I? I have to be a role model for them and just quitting out of frustration or because I do not like something is not appropriate. I think had I been less frustrated, the painting would have turned out better. I put too much black and it overpowers the blue undertones of the painting. After thinking about this, I wonder if the dark colours have any relation to how I was feeling during the painting; frustrated and stressed.

Allison Prior’s tutorial was a very good tutorial for the beginner. She is very vocal as to what she is doing and how to do it. The only downside to her videos is that sometimes her lighting is not the best and sometimes her video cuts off the bottom of her painting. This was particularly challenging when we were doing the bottom part of the painting, as I could not see, but relied on the auditory aspects of her tutorial. I read the comments of her video as others had commented on this aspect, and she replied and said that in her new videos, she pays attention to this and shows the entire painting.

After finishing the painting, I decided to try to connect with Allison Prior, the artist who made the tutorial I followed. Much to my surprise, she replied back after I posted. Here is a snapshot of our conversation:


Before this project had started, I never would have thought I would connect with an artist from Newfoundland. The conversation between us has shown me the powers of social media; being able to connect with others who you never would have expected. As I am building up my PLN, I am beginning to see all of the positives of “being on the internet”.

Although this was a frustrating painting, be sure to stay tuned for next week’s painting, where I will be attempting to create my own painting using the techniques I have learned thus far.