Teaching Philosophy

It is my belief that through education, an individual will gain the vital skills that are essential to build a life that is successful and fulfilling. In an educational setting, students should be encouraged to find their talents and build new skills. Students should develop problem-solving skills that will allow them to actively solve problems and these skills should prepare them for situations they will encounter outside of a school setting. I believe that as teachers, it is our duty to ensure that learning takes place in a safe, open and supportive environment, so that students can foster positive relationships.

The best teaching style can be described as one that is student-centered. I am a strong advocate for hands-on learning because I understand that supplementing the curriculum with hands-on activities is essential to a student’s learning. I believe that this teaching style will enable students to take risks and build confidence in their learning. Learning occurs when students take risks, when students build a personal connection with the information and applies to a number of situations. When this occurs, students are engaged and inspired to learn new information.

The goal of teaching is to include all students in learning which means realizing the importance of using a variety of instructional strategies. Each student has diverse needs, and using a variety of instructional strategies will address the variety of learning styles. It is extremely important to identify each student’s dominant learning style and to monitor the students’ academic achievement. Further, it is important that students are exposed to a variety of instructional strategies so they can become familiar with other methods of instruction and learn how to become proficient with that instructional strategy. In my classroom, one strategy that will be emphasized is the use of inquiry-based learning. This allows students to be engaged with a topic that they are interested in. Further, inquiry based learning will also allow students to gain the skill of working in groups. An integral part of my classroom will be integrating technology in the classroom.

The importance of building relationships with the student should be one of teaching’s first priorities. By building the relationship with my students, they will recognize that I understand them and accept them as they are. I believe that an important aspect of a teacher is a commitment to working hard and spending as much time as necessary to make students successful, both academically and emotionally. Trust is the most important element to build with the student. When the student trusts you completely, the student will be more willing to do the assignments and take more risks in his/her learning.

Students will enter and exit my classroom door thinking critically. I will be sure to ask many questions, and encourage the students to ask many questions. Students will learn that they will not be judged for their questions or their in-class participation. Students will be in a risk-free environment that promotes honesty, respect, and integrity. In this environment, students will be able to set goals and will be able to exceed these goals through their hard work and my hard work. I will inspire the students to achieve their goals and the students will inspire me to reach my goals. The goal for all students in my classroom is to have a positive and fun learning experience.  I am excited to be in a profession that is an integral part of society and helps shape the leaders of tomorrow.